the leader in manufacturing
high-end metal elements

With over 65 years of experience, Ghidini Giuseppe Bosco is the global leader in manufacturing high-end metal elements.

Everyday, the most recognized players in the lighting and interior design industry are partnering with Ghidini Giuseppe Bosco to create tailor-made solutions that helps them to deliver exceptional value to their customers.

We are supporting architects and designers worldwide in the development and implementation of their ideas into unique objects in metal, from prototype development, to mold creation and by manufacturing the finished product.


Designers / Architects / Interior Designers / Manufacturers

Designers / Architects / Interior Designers / Manufacturers

Application Fields

Thanks to a reality that combines advanced design technologies to the passion for fine craftsmanship, at Ghidini details matter throughout the entire development process of the project.

From the idea to the finished product, we are able to carry out the entire production cycle internally.

The only limit is your imagination

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Specializing in die casting of brass, aluminum and zinc alloy, we focus our production mainly to interior designers and manufacturers of lighting fixtures that assemble and electrify the various products offered.

Discover The Brand

Discover The Brand